Meet Debi O'Hearn

Who knew a pandemic would allow me to explore a long-ignored creative outlet buried deep under years of  raising a large family and living a busy American life? 

Most certainly....Not me.

I felt overwhelmed...and I needed to find a way to relax and refresh that didn't involve sweating or hyperventilating in a gym. I needed to re-engage with nature.

I'd always loved watercolor art...but hadn't painted since high signed up with an online artist teaching watercolor. I bought some paint, brushes and paper.....and sat down at my cluttered desk and started playing with water and paint.


My first efforts were rough and very basic. 


However, with daily practice, I have finally reached a place where I realize that  my work adds creative beauty to the world and may inspire others to be renewed or touched in a small but powerful way.


And through this process, I have learned more about myself...... and I am beginning to feel renewed and refreshed.

My goal is to add a spark of peace or joy to your life and living-space.